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How long will it to roof my house?

It takes approximately 3 to 5 days to roof an average house

Do I need to replace my roof?

This is the most common question the homeowners will ask themselves when they see neighbors getting their roof done. As a responsible roofing contractor, we will advise the customers to look for signs of aging, deteriorating roof shingles and even damaged / water stain marks on the ceilings and walls. If the roof is around 15 to 20 years of age, it may be nearing the end of its life depending on the quality and warranty of the roof. There is also some variation based on sun exposure, shingle color and ventilation under the roof. Next quick evaluation would be the roof appearance. If you have shingles that have broken off, look buckled or warped, or have lost some granule surfacing, it is probably time to consider a replacement. Finally look for signs of water leaks inside your home, the leaking can cause structural damage to the rafters and the boards on top of them, not to mention to your ceilings and walls. It is much less expensive to replace your roof before you see leaks. Remember, you do not wait until leaks to replace your roof so it is wise to inspect the roof shingles regularly. Here are some signals that your roof system is not protecting your home

What to expect before and after your roofing job?

Quite often, the impression people have for roofing work is rough, messy, dusty, noisy or even chaos; but not true if you can have a professional roofing company and personnel to do the work. At Builtroof we are professional grade. We are all properly trained and updated with the latest roofing knowledge and technology, with over 15 years trade experience and customer satisfaction commitment we know what roofing is all about and what to do with our customers. We look forward to serving you and hope your re-roofing experience will be pleasant and satisfactory. The following is a list of information you need to know BEFORE and AFTER the re-roofing process. 1. In general it takes 5 to 7 days to start a job from the date a contract is awarded to Builtroof 2. You will be notified (1 to 2) days prior to starting date, but weather is the only factor that may delay the process; we will definitely let you know if any changes or rescheduling. 3. Materials and our disposal trailer will be delivered the day before the job begins, we will need one parking space for the duration of the job. Please b sure any vehicles are removed from the garage. 4. The crews will be banging on the roof, there will be noise inside the house and out that you are not accustomed to. Also while we are loading and moving materials, it will cause minor vibrations to the interior walls and the ceiling; we suggest any loose wall decorations and pictures should be removed prior to the job. Our site supervisor will be happy to assist you if needed. 5. We will make every attempt to protect your property such as covering up the landscaping work, air conditioning unit, your beautiful deck and patio furniture and the stone or interlocking driveway. Tarps would be spread out all around the house wherever loose debris might fall. Moreover we will also look after your neighbors property to ensure proper protection and clean-up. 6. There will be debris falling from roof tear off. We ask you take precautions while we are there and stay clear of the debris until we have a chance to remove them. For safety regulation we will not permit anybody to come close to the job area. 7. You may find nails. The average home uses 12000 nails on the roof. Our crew uses magnetic brooms to collect any nails on the ground and grass. We will double check the grounds before leaving the site; as well our driver does an inspection on the driveway when he removes the disposal trailer. 8. Your gutters will be cleaned when the job is done. It is part of our job to clean up the gutters since clogged drain will result in basement leaks. 9. Each of our crews has 6 to 7 crew members, that is why we can get most of the roof job completed in 1 day. We thank you for taking time to let us inform you of the roofing process, we pride ourselves in making this process pleasant, rewarding and educational for our customer. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

License + Insurance?

A general rule of thumb to hire a roofing contractor/ renovator is to check if they are licensed to do their work, all contractors need a metro renovator license to carry any kind of renovation work interior or exterior in Greater Toronto Area; in City of Mississuaga they must have separate municipal license to perform works. Next you will need their proof of general liability insurance coverage. This coverage is mostly in the range of two million to five million dollars, it protects the customer’s property and interests during the period of the renovation in case of any unexpected accidents. Another type of insurance coverage is also important for the home owner to look for is the W.S.I.B. coverage (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board), it protects you as a customer from any lawsuits involving bodily injuries or deaths that might occur during the project. Every contractor or renovator must have this insurance coverage because it is the law and is mandatory. All home owner should always ask for a copy of all these documents and do not just rely on contractors verbal answer. At Builtroof we carry all municipal licenses and necessary insurances to give our customer a peace of mind. In addition all of us receive updates and training from CSAO (safety authority) to enforce all safety regulations in our job site. Since we know SAFETY is always a priority.